Client Testimonials

I am so grateful to have found a coach in Kasey. I could tell immediately that she has years of experience and in-depth knowledge on how to help me navigate both challenges and choices I have been facing.

She has helped me talk through my thought processes to get to the root of what I really want, why I want it and how to get there.

She has helped me see a path to healing and understanding.

She has gently encouraged me to go to hard places that have helped me open up more understanding about myself.

She has exhibited much patience as I have taken time to analyze my feelings and desires and then has cheered me on to find the best path for me.

She is a coach, therapist and cheerleader all in one.

- Kristine

My sessions with Kasey Best have been consistently and incredibly beneficial the last few years in helping me identify parts of my life out of alignment and to discover new ways to maximize joy and fulfillment.

Kasey is very skilled in asking probing questions that challenge perspectives and encourage introspection in a non judgemental way.

I left our time together feeling respected, heard and inspired to bring our sessions' work into daily practice.

I am eternally grateful for her expertise and can see the fruits of our labor result in the deeper trust I have in myself and joy I am experiencing.

- Emily

Smart, savvy, compassionate leader and coach!

- Stacy

The most compassionate, intelligent and life-changing coach out there. Kasey is amazing!

- Julie

Spiritual growth and purposeful living. Thank you for your time.

- Kim

I have lived with high-functioning anxiety my entire life and have never been able to find a mental health practitioner that seemed to really listen and understand the symptoms and underlying causes of this condition. The impact of my anxiety has become increasingly more debilitating throughout my life; however, most practitioners have not been able to understand the daily struggle that I experience.

I began working with Kasey in July 2023. She definitely understands high-functioning anxiety and works with me to minimize the day-to-day impacts that it has on my daily life. She is supportive of my journey and provides individualized plans to support self-reflection and internal change.

I am grateful to have finally found a mental health professional that understands what I have been living with for so many years and is capable of helping me to navigate the effects that it has on my life in a positive way. I would recommend Kasey to anyone who lives with high-functioning anxiety and is ready to begin their journey toward a better life.

- Angella

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